"Unfortunately, like so many misnomers in Washington these days, the so-called “Net Neutrality” movement has nothing to do with “neutrality.” The “Net Neutrality” movement would effectively end any semblance of neutrality in Internet policy and instead align government on the side of big business against consumers."

-- Erin Garvey Executive Director, Californians for Technology & Video Choice

The Threat of Net Neutrality
by Erin Garvey

You may not have heard about the “Net neutrality” movement, but be warned, the “Net neutrality” movement has heard about you. The Internet access you are using right now is protected by the tens of millions of other people accessing it right beside you. The trillions of data bits crisscrossing the world right are free to access because the millions of people logged onto the web have created a counterweight to both governments and big businesses, both of whom could gum up the works if they became too involved. Neither Bill Gates nor George W. Bush could control it, even if they wanted to

The Internet is you, and millions like you, uploading and downloading songs for their IPods, sharing video clips on YouTube, sending emails, or just surfing through their favorite websites. The Internet’s consumers, a population of people growing exponentially worldwide, are what have ensured that the Internet’s first 20 years have been a swift succession of expanding access, lower prices, faster usage, innovative services, and improved quality.
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The biggest threat to the Internet as we know it is so-called “Network Neutrality”. The truth is it’s anything but neutral. It’s a fundamental departure from the “hands-off” approach that has led to the Internet revolutionizing communications, commerce and social networking. You can help by joining Californians for Technology & Video Choice in the fight to keep the Net free.”



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